Thursday, November 29, 2007

Astral Mining

I picked up some work with Astral Mining. Apparently I have a good rep for breaking stuff cuz they ask me to go out and take down these transports. Miners with Hired Guns. It took one trip to the station to repair but I wiped about ten serps out of space. The two transports were nice and I picked up a couple of loads of militants, turned half of them over to Ire for the deal and got the rest down in my loading bay. I guess I could sell them.


I took the trip. Up there I picked up a new agent who wanted me to drop a load of homeless deadbeats off in some lowsec system. Im tired and its late, so I run this on autopilot, make the drop, and headed back I awake to a targeting alarm. Two hops from hi-sec I get pummeled by a cloaked heavy pirate ganker just off the gate. He pods me too, 15 million in cyber implants lost. What a drain. I quit the game for a while.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Egonics Loozers

Crap, my trip to Jel just took a side track. Shortly after collecting the purse for the old hag's smokes, I get a tranny asking me to move my ass up and over to Ethernity system to pick up some 'important documents'. Ugh. They are in some holding room at an Egonics studio. Talk about low rung. I don't know why they are sitting over at an Egon station, but whatever. Maybe there is more going on than I know about. Anyway, this better be good. They tried to offer me a shiny new slot-4 cybernetic subprocessor, but the shit I already got plugged outclasses their flea market radioshack crap anyday. I'm doing them a favor. Better be worth it.


Passing through Everyshore on my way down to Jel. Just the path my navput wants to take. Saw there was a corp office for Garoun bank in here and I checked up - this crazy old coot from way back was still working for them. Ophelame is her name. I'm totally surprised she is still alive. I did her a favor and snagged her some cigs and a few oxygen bottles.

Internal Security

Been punking loose drones and pirates for the federation navy. Agent is a guy calls himself Esate. Not too likeable - seems like the torturer type - although I'd like to know what kind of optics he's got implanted. Real Shiny. Fed Navy doesn't have much for legs up here in Sinq Laison. Quality is low on this guy and although they give hunting licenses the jobs are too easy - did I mention the pay sucks. Gonna run over to Jel where I might meet up with a Jane called Ladez-something - Ladezzoen or something. She's in Internal Security too, maybe gives out a better pocket.